Introducing Baby Carla

Baby Carla is about a woman scorned – a traditional theme that’s worked since song began - but the woman in my songs is a lot more violent...
— Baby Carla

Many images come to mind when listening to Baby Carla: Serge Gainsbourg in sequins brandishing a flick-knife; Duane Eddy brawling on with the Shangri-La's; Connie Francis fresh from juvy hall with only vengeance on her mind. It's the rebel-rousing twang of surf colliding with the hip-shaking go-go grooves of European Yé-Yé.


Creating Baby Carla

Carla had met her collaborators for this record, italian Post-Folk instrumentalists Sacri Cuori, in 2014 when they backed Hugo Race on an Australian tour. Side-stepping the irony of finding the woman whom they believed to be 'the last italian diva' in such a far-flung place, they invited her to return to her roots and collaborate on their record 'Delone', which was released in 2015. Carla in turn enlisted their services to help create her own debut release. Conceived and completed in Australia, with tracking undertaken in Italy, it's a heady blend of dramatic Italo-Pop and the rocking sounds of the anglo-sphere. The sonics of the record are an analogue-lover's dream: classic sounds captured by vintage microphones and processed with Class A outboard gear to create the roundness, warmth and depth of the classic recordings of the sixties and seventies.

In terms of lyrical content, Carla vividly references traditional themes of loss, heartbreak & revenge, but refocused with a punk savagery that recalls Poison Ivy:

Anger is something both sexes experience, but women are always taught that it is not elegant nor feminine, and that it makes them less desirable in the eyes of the men in control - they need to be little kittens that can be played with at will. Well, the maxim behind my new record is that ‘scary is the new sexy’.